What’s New?

September 10, 2022

The Go Janes are working in the studio on their first full-length recording. With the help of the inestimable David Lange, and the equally stunning Ben Lange, the Janes are preparing to share the fruits of their labors this fall. In support of these efforts, we’re planning to launch our first GoFund Me campaign. (Mastering, recording, licensing, mailing, duplication, etc — all of this is expensive!! And gigs have been canceled left and right due to COVID!!) Stay tuned to Facebook and Instagram (as well as right here) for more details.

March, 2022

Ah friends, these past two years have been a long cold lonely winter in more ways than one. But as the earth stirs into emergence every year, so stir the Go Janes. Check out our gigs, and/or join our email list. We’ll be adding more dates as details are set and send you a note. 

We’ve actually been pretty darn creative in the midst of all the languishing, so we have lots of great new music to share. We’ve missed you and can’t wait to sing for you again!

Spring 2022

Thank you, purchasers of our PAINTED ROCKS! We’re delighted to have completed and released five songs, fresh outta the gate, with rock and (mostly pre-pandemic) gig money!